Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We did it. We actually did it. We bought a house. We are officially "grown up"!

Joking, of course, because I don't believe that you have to own a house to be a grown up. Buying a house for us is, however, a lot of things. It's stability. It's watching our children learn, create, play, and grow in the same space for years, making memories. It's being part of a community for the long haul. It's very nearly cheaper than renting. Seriously. That's not important. Well, okay, it kind of is. Most importantly, though, now we are free. Free to dream. Free to gather. Free to make love. Free to go out into the world and have a safe place to return to. Free to keep chickens (should we decide to). All with very little restraint.

This is the first of many installments in which we will showcase our adventure in home ownership. We are planning many, many things for our new home (of course; as if a designer and an engineer could just let things "be", eh?). Here is where we will reveal the end result of our efforts, as well as the processes, the hardships and the joys.

Following this first post, I plan to share some before shots. Before painting and cleaning, installation and moving in. Before we get our fingers on it. Before the blood, sweat and tears, as it were. For now, a customary picture of the family in front of the house.

(a little background: the house was built in 1910; it's a tiny Victorian, without too much (any?) of the original character left, which kind of breaks my heart, but also gives us permission to do some things we wouldn't do if we had unpainted woodwork and hexagon tiles in the bathroom, for instance, so that's exciting; it's a three bedroom, approximately 1200 square feet; it's in the city of Longmont, CO - just minutes from Boulder)

Please follow along with us. We promise to make it worth it!!

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